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Pro-Ject VTE BT-r Bluetooth levysoitin pystyasennukseen | Oikea

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Pro-Ject vinyylilevysoittimia on valmistettu Litovelissa, Prahan lähellä jo yli 50 vuotta. Pro-Ject on maailman johtava levysoitinvalmistaja, jonka yli 40 tuotteen valikoimasta löytyy jokaiselle sopiva vaihtoehto!

Pro-Ject VTE BT-r levysoitin pystyasennukseen | Oikea

Todellinen WOW!

Innovatiivinen Pro-Ject vinyylisoitin joka asennetaan pystyyn, tason päälle tai seinälle äänenlaadusta tinkimättä. Plug & Play. Omat mallit oikea- ja vasenkätiseen käyttöön. 

Tämä malli on oikeakätinen.

Kaksi versiota, kahdella kätisyydellä, sekä kolmella (3) värillä.

Pro-ject VTE levysoitin pystyasennukseen - oikea


  • Plug and Play, super helppo asennus
  • Ortofon OM-5E äänirasia
  • Record Clamp levynkiristin
  • 8.6" alumiinen äänivarsi
  • neulavoima ja antiskate esiasetettu
  • laadukas irroitettava RCA kaapeli kullatuin liittimin
  • äänivarren erikoismekanismi pystyasennuksesta johtuen
  • 33 ja 45 rpm (käsin) pyörintänopeudet
  • teräslaakeri
  • oikea ja vasenkätisille omat mallit
  • 3 väriä; musta, valkoinen ja punainen
  • RIAA korjain
  • Bluetooth lähetin langattomaan signaalin siirtoon
  • kolme pianoväriä; musta, punainen ja valkoinen



Hi-Fi World, September 2016

Reviewed By:  Jon Myles
Rating:  5/5 Globes 
OUTSTANDING - Amongst the best
VALUE - keenly priced
Comments of Note:
“Placing the needle on the groove revels that while the Pro-Ject may look rather unusual it is certainly not merely a gimmick. In fact it has a tidy presentation with a fair amount of punch to it.”
“…there was a good sense of body and detail to Kate Bush’s ‘Aerial’. Vocals here were especially well-presented, anchored firmly between the ‘speakers.”
“the Pro-Ject turns in a good performance. Playing Bob-Marley’s classic ‘Live!’ album there was a pleasing agility to the bassline, while vocals stood out well from the backing instruments.”
“Soundstaging was also impressive, enabling the atmosphere of the venue to come through with good air and ambience.”
“As plug-and-play turntables go the Pro-Ject is a solid performer with an undeniably interesting twist.”
“…the VTE-r performs extremely well for what is essentially a budget deck. “
“its sonic performance also means it comes highly recommended for the price.”
“A distinctive-looking turntable that also offers great sound for the price.”
“FOR – Plug-and-play – distinctive design – engaging sound”
“AGAINST – looks my divide opinion”


Audio Appraisal, Online Review

Comments of Note:
"Sound wise, the VT-E displays a warm, relaxed character."
"Noise levels are surprisingly low, with very little rumble audible from the main bearing"
"...the VT-E tracks superbly even on records that have seen better days."
"In summary, the VT-E is another Excellent product and a welcome addition to Pro-Ject’s lineup, and one that is quite unique in today’s market. Not only is it just plain cool to look at and display, not to mention a great conversation piece, it remains a functional turntable that holds up well against the competition, sounding as good as anything else at this price. A fantastic effort from Pro-Ject and one which I wholeheartedly applaud. Highly recommended."


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